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Visual Arts

  • "Al"(Alois)Paul Champagne

    Al paints both the exterior and interior life that he sees. He paints plein air paintings in oil of New Orleans neighborhoods and other regions. Later ,he uses the visual images to create abstract landscapes in acrylic or oil. His abstract paintings are done in an intuitive,spontaneous style, all originals.… More >

  • *Aaron Kellner

    The Sciences and its’ many branches (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) compose a unique form of language. A rich, detailed web of common knowledge that may be our most refined form of communication used to date. As we use this language to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our… More >

  • Aaron Reichert

    This is how I participate. I only paint human beings and I expect that will not change. My interest has always been individuals. Extinguishing color, I sheer away vanity to present humanity that is alive while in decay - just as we are. These works are done in acrylic. Textural… More >

  • Adam Farrington

    Adam Farrington is one of New Orleans' most exciting young artists. Farrington is well-known for his intricate metal sculpture that combines diverse imagery such as insects and automobiles. Whimsical and serious in the same breadth, Farrington's aesthetic comments on rural/urban decay all around us. In his latest body of work,… More >

  • Alex Beard

    Alex Beard is a painter and author who has emerged as one of his generation's most creative and successful artists. Through his work, Beard hopes to demystify art and share the creative experience with as many people as possible, using every tool he can find. Influenced to think creatively from… More >

  • Alex Demyan

    Alex Demyan is a freelance photographer specializing in stock and fine art of Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Alex has thousands of published credits including his book "New Orleans Impressions". More >

  • Alex Harvie

    Alexander Harvie studied under Kelli Scott Kelley and Denyce Celentano at Louisiana State University receiving his bachelors in fine art in 2005. His work has been shown in many annual shows including Forum 35 Art Melt, Stabbed in the Art, & Art for Arts Sake. Numerous publications have written about… More >

  • Alex Podesta

    Alex Podesta was born in Central North Carolina and later moved to South Eastern Virginia. As a teenager he attended the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. He later studied sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Fate and circumstance led him to Louisiana and then… More >

  • Alfonso "Pompo" Bresciani

    A great job of passion and patience has allowed Alfonso Bresciani to succeed in little time to re-invent windsurfing photography and conquering a place on the scene of worldwide reputation photographers. Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications. Pompo has gone still beyond… More >

  • Alfonso "Pompo" Bresciani

    Alfonso Bresciani has had to wait for the one beautiful pose, or for the wind and the spectacular waves of the Pacific Ocean. But it was worth the pain. Finishing artistic school, Alfonso went into the Italian military service as paratrooper in Lebanon. Leaving the army he lands in the… More >

  • Alice Scott

    Alice Scott started making jewelry when she was six years old. She painted brooches with pumpkin faces to sell at craftshows for halloween. She grew up thinking of new designs for jewelry all the time. She attended Rhode Island Schoolof Design for Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Today, she continues to be… More >

  • Ally Burguieres

    Ally Burguieres's art has steadily gained popularity as collectors and art lovers become enamored with her unique visual style. Expressive yet deliberate, her works radiate a vibrant warmth and deftly contrast elements of representation and abstraction. Her original paintings have shown in Paris, London, Belfast, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Aix-en-Provence,… More >

  • Amanda Cassingham

    Amanda Cassingham from Algiers, Louisiana, returned to New Orleans in 2009 after studying for four years in Boston. There she received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts with Tufts University. She currently hosts the 723 Louisa Street Digest where artists are invited share work at… More >

  • Amanda Turpen

    Amanda Turpen is a printmaker from Northern California who now calls New Orleans home. She makes decadent woodcuts and sweet little paintings with an anthropomorphic narrative. She got her BFA and MFA in Printmaking from the University of Tennessee and the University of Montana respectively. She occasionally teaches print workshops… More >

  • Amy Bryan

    Amy Bryan is a visual artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions locally, regionally, and internationally. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Xavier University of Louisiana. Bryan creates… More >

  • Amy Marquis

    Artist and photographer Amy Marquis scoured New Orleans and discovered a hidden alphabet in the world around her. From architectural landmarks to the city streets to Mother Nature herself, this alphabet has a flair that's as unique as the flavor of the Big Easy. More >

  • Anastasia Pelias

    Anastasia Pelias was born in New Orleans. She received a BFA from Newcomb College at Tulane University and her MFA from the University of New Orleans. She is a painter who also works in other media including installation and video. Pelias' work can be seen at the Heriard-Cimino Gallery and… More >

  • Andrea Zlotowitz

    Andrea Zlotowitz is an artist interested in the "weird" and the eye-opening aspects of life. She is an artist - a print maker, collage artist, designer, graphic artist, photographer, and a constant explorer of alternative mediums and motives of creative visual production. She received her B.F.A. in Print Media and… More >

  • Andrew Brott

    Andrew Brott is a Glass Artist, Sculptor, Printmaker, and owner of BrottWorks Studio, located in New Orleans, LA. For 26+ years, he has been extensively involved in the Studio Glass movement. His formal training consists of a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, he was… More >

  • Andrew Jackson Pollack

    Born in 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Jackson Pollack has been an artist all his life. Raised by parents involved in the arts, he was introduced to the mediums of ceramics and glass at an early age; making and marketing his first beads, from polymer clay, at the age of… More >

  • Angela Berry

    Angela Martin Berry is a photographer and mixed media artist who currently lives and works in New Orleans, LA. In July of 2010 she became a member of T-Lot, a new studio and project space for emerging artists in the St. Claude Arts District. Statement My first exposure to art… More >

  • Angelica  Verkeenko

    Angelica Verkeenko is a Russian artist and costume designer. She was born in St. Petersburg, and graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts in that city. Angelica also studied textile design at the Baron Stieglitz Academy in St. Petersburg . Her costume designs have been seen on the stages of… More >

  • Annie Strack

    A native of Naples, Florida, Annie Strack is a classically trained professional artist whose formal art school training included advanced studies of multiple artistic mediums. Although she is best known for her reputation as a Master of maritime painting, she is also an experienced expert in many other mediums, subjects,… More >

  • Antonno Sifuentes

    Art Director Universal Designs, Inc. (Sole Proprietorship) Sole Proprietorship; Myself Only; Design industry 2000– Present (12 years)Greater New Orleans Area Contemporary Design to fit ones needs. Education Louisiana Tech University B.F.A., Studio Arts 2004 – 2007 Concentration Drawing/Painting/ Ceramics/Sculpture Louisiana Tech University B.F.A., Graphic Design 2000 – 2004 Concentration Product… More >

  • Artworks by H. Sarre

    Native New Orleans artist , most know for her hurricane "Flood Series" paintings, depicting the search and rescue efforts in the wake of Katrina and Rita. More info available at www.hsarre.com More >

  • Ashley Merlin

    Ashley Merlin is passionate about photography. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, she graduated form Lehigh University with a B.A. in Journalism. In 2002, Miss Merlin opened a studio in New Orleans. Her work has been featured at the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery and the New Orleans Museum… More >

  • Avantegarb

    I create unique and colorful clothing, bags, hats and costumes with a focus on comfort, style and perhaps most importantly, sustainability. I use preowned fabrics, clothing and textiles in my designs to "upcycle" fresh fashions that are each a work of art, and very hard to repeat. I prefer simple… More >

  • Azu Romá

    Azu Romá is a native New Orleans public artist and graphic designer. She currently creates pieces consisting of large scale explorations in ephemeral art that incorporate color, imagery, and typography created from various found and purchased materials. Her graphic design work includes print, web, and motion design. Azu graduated from… More >

  • Barbara Connors

    Barbara Connors designs and makes jewelry. Her jewelry pieces are handmade original designs. She crafts by hand components using mixed metals. She also uses natural gemstones, gemstone beads, and freshwater pearls. She is inspired by the colors, shapes, and textures of the materials as well as the forms and symmetry… More >

  • Barbara Roberds

    A life-long resident of Louisiana, Barbara Roberds specializes in black-and-white and hand painted fine art photographs that capture the essence of her unique home state. - Her portraits of rural life, as well as her rustic custom frames, convey the spirit of the natural, uncomplicated life she experienced growing up… More >

  • Barbara Thibodeaux

    Barbara Steele Thibodeaux, American Contemporary Folk Artist, draws deeply in her work from the wellspring of the rich cultural heritage of her home in US deep south, including her own family history. Holding a degree in Interior Design, she is self-taught, and began painting in 1990. She has a nave… More >

  • Bassam Messaike

    Drawing in soft pastel and painting with oil. A Lebanese native and resident of New Orleans since 1986, I began drawing in soft pastel as a hobby around 1992-93. I found the medium attractive, sensual, silky, raw and colorfully expansive. The fact that I used my hands to blend colors… More >

  • Bayou Salvage

    Bayou Salvage's work is a unique Southern Gothic style-- a blend of salvaged lace, rust and whiskey, throw in a family secret or two and you are there. As a native of Faulkner country and a child obsessed with Tennessee Williams plays, Bayou Salvadge has always been enamored of film… More >

  • Bedonna Magid-Wakeman

    Arriving in New Orleans in 2001 from Europe, Bedonna has shown and sold her acrylic on canvas paintings behind St. Louis Cathedral on Royal & Orleans Street, becoming one of the outstanding street artists in the French Quarter. Her New Works 2007 Collection All that Jazz and New Orleans Musicians… More >

  • Ben Hamburger

    I am an oil painter whose work draws inspiration from the people and places surrounding me. Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2006 to attend Eckerd College. In 2008, I moved to Perugia, Italy to study art history and advance my painting… More >

  • Benjamin Bullins

    To most people, a worn-out brake shoe is an auto part destined for the scrap heap. But if Benjamin Bullins catches sight of the same part, it may well end up as a component in a sculpture of a dancer, a jazz musician or an abstract assemblage. A trained photographer… More >

  • Bill Crowell

    William Crowell is an acrylic artist who specializes in Louisiana subjects. He is an active member of many local art associations and his paintings have won awards in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Illinois. Bill received his BFA from the University of New Orleans. Following the loss of his home… More >

  • Bill Dazet

    Bill Dazet is a master wood sculptor specializing in decorative, realistic, one of a kind reproductions of game fish for the discerning collector. Bill has been sculpting wildlife in wood for many years. His finished work is usually mounted on natual wood or framed for display. His work has been… More >

  • Bill Hinton

    Having grown up in a very eclectic environment I developed a very wide interest when it comes to subjects for my art. Whether the beauty of a vast mountain range, the detail in a butterfly's wing or the curve of a fast car's fender my goal as an artist has… More >

  • Blair Fleming

    As a youngest of three children, a competitive attitude was instilled within her at a young age. She grew up watching her older sister constantly write stories, and her older brother was the greatest artist through her eyes. Being a bit of a tomboy herself, she idolized her brother more.… More >

  • Bonnie Jean Miller

    The auto-didactic Bonnie Jean Miller began her first journey into art with clay and textiles. Out of this became the desire to manipulate metal in the ways of old metalsmithing tradition in hopes of some day combining the three. It is the idea of using old methods of craft to… More >

  • Brad Cooper

    Brad is a fine artist and children’s book illustrator. His passion for folk-art, multi-cultural and traditional art drives him to immerse himself into the roots of a variety of international artistic mediums and styles. His most recent inspirations have been focused on the early twentieth century jazz scene that birthed… More >

  • Brad Edelman Photography Gallery & Studio

    After retiring from a pro-bowl career with the New Orleans Saints, lineman Brad Edelman returned to his roots, the art of photography, a childhood love for capturing truth and essence that only a still picture can bring. He brings his passion and dedication that formed his NFL career to his… More >

  • Brad J. Dupuy

    Brad J. Dupuy lives and works in New Orleans, LA. His works have been shown throughout the Gulf South and recently in a pair of exhibitions in New York City. Brad received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans in 2001 and studied under artist, Jim… More >

  • Bradley Sabin

    Presently Assistant Director for Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, Bradley Sabin received his BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in Ceramics from Louisiana State University. He has taught at LSU and Interlochen Center for the Arts. In addition to lecturing and exhibiting his… More >

  • Brian "MonkeyMan" Richard

    New Orleans Artist/Web Designer/Graphic Artist with a unique (and sometimes strange) point of view. More >

  • Brian J. Bush

    Brian Bush is a New Orleans artist who specializes in paper mache’ sculpture. After picking up “piñata making” as a childhood hobby, he then worked for several Crescent City float builders. He now creates home décor and focuses on special projects for businesses, promotions and events. His creations reflect one… More >

  • Brian St. Cyr

    Brian St. Cyr’s recent work revolves around the idea of artists’ subject matter and how it can influence both process and product. His work utilizes a variety of mediums-- his range covering sculpture to works on paper-- and incorporates such non-traditional materials as Lipton’s tea bags and pornography. With this… More >

  • Brigette LaGarde

    Brigette LaGarde is New Orleans born and bred and when she dies, she'll be New Orleans dead. In between then, she paints (mostly acrylics), draws (mostly inks), and walks her dogs a lot. Her vibrant art is inspired by the culture she grew up with, her need to experiment with… More >

  • Bruce Keyes

    I am a freelance photographer from New Orleans who has dedicated over four decades to my pursuit of those stolen 1/125ths of a second which then become the times, places and people that I have chosen to eternalize. My book, "Spirit of New Orleans", represents my lifelong odyssey through the… More >

  • Cameo C Olson

    Artist, Storyteller, and Amateur Soul Thief. More >

  • Camille Barnes

    Camille grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was intrigued with the charm of the old city and fascinated by the style and character of the antiques in her father and grandfather’s antique gallery. That is where her love for art grew. She attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine… More >

  • Carl Joe Williams

    Painter,Sculptor I see my art and music as extensions of each other. I often use music as a model by incorporating its structure, rhythms, and dynamics elements into each piece; emerging into a new realm of experience. Objects are also a very important part of the creation and aesthetic of… More >

  • Carlo Zervigon

    Carlos Zervigon was born and raised in New Orleans where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their six children. He is a graduate of Tulane University’s prestigious glass program. Carlos was a cofounder of the New Orleans Creative Glass Institute (NOCGI) and serves as its President and CEO. His… More >

  • Carol Flannery

    Carol Flannery of Carolyn Rivers Designs, is a native of New Orleans, designing lampwork beaded jewelry and stained & etched glass. With her rich experience of New Orleans, she designs jewelry to commemorate the famous Cajun and Creole cuisine of the Crescent city. She is known for her chili pepper,… More >

  • Carol Hallock

    Carol Hallock lives in a home on stilts on Bayou Lacombe in Louisiana. She often paints the surrounding bayou and marsh from her kayak. "Geraldine" the egret is a favorite subject. Born and raised in Baton Rouge and graduate of Louisiana State University, Carol loves the unique beauty of her… More >

  • Caroline Ryan

    Caroline Ryan is a French artist and illustrator living in New Orleans. She likes to work with watercolors, acrylics and ink on paper or wood. Her style is something akin to folk pop with a whimsy and surrealist twist. More >

  • Carrie Hartley

    Carrie Hartley works in mixed media and mosaics. Artist’s Statement To be is to create! For me creating is being, one does not exist without the other. My creativity has taken on many forms over the years. I am inspired by my surroundings so, as they change, so does my… More >

  • Cathy Cooper-Stratton

    Cathy Cooper-Stratton has a BFA in fine art from the University of the South in Sewannee, Tennessee. She was trained in anodizing at Penland School in North Carolina. She has also been a painter and a print maker. She has had training in Ashanti metal casting at Arrowmont and fold-forming… More >

  • Cetin Ates

    My sculptures have a whimsical world all to their own. The pieces open windows to these worlds - and in the reflection one can view their own personal world in new and beautiful ways. To shape my sculptures, I generally use arc-welding techniques because it is such a rich method… More >

  • Charisse Celino

    Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media, Found Object More >

  • Charlene Insley

    Charlene Insley is an eclectic artist and has been working as an artist for over 20 years. She has owned four galleries and her art was carried in three galleries, in Kansas, Florida & Washington D.C., before that. Charlene's scientific illustration won an international competition to reside in the Bell… More >

  • Charles Bush

    Charles Bush is a freelance photographer based from his home in Louisiana. Charlie specializes in Nature and Wildlife photography. His file includes images of Birds, Mammals and Landscapes from locations such as Massachusetts, Louisiana, New Mexico, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, and Arizona. Charlie continues to add to his file with… More >

  • charles crain

    Charles bought his first Nikon F SLR forty years ago. His first studies were of derelict architecture and machinery, but also street photography-a genre that the New York Times has called,”…shots of everyday people living out their private lives in public”. In this type of portraiture, he has the keen… More >

  • Charles E Harrison III

    Charlie grew up loving Disney animation, the colors and whimsical effects and the fantasies they created. Growing up in New Orleans he developed an appreciation for old world architecture and the colorful characters of our everyday life. Working as a set designer in the Greater New Orleans area Charlie developed… More >

  • Charles E Harrison III

    Charlie’s style has been influenced by Disney animation, the incredible illustrator Maxfield Parish and the amazing graphic artist Alphonse Maria Mucha. Growing up in New Orleans he developed an appreciation for old world architecture. Working as a set designer in the Greater New Orleans area Charlie developed a playful style… More >

  • Chase Montague Markovich

    Chase Montague Markovich was born In New Orleans, LA. It was a beautiful day in May. He attended Jesuit High School and New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. During this time he received accolades for his photography from the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts' YoungArts program, winning… More >

  • Cheria Scaffidi

    I create interpretative collages based upon memories. I interview and record individuals recalling their recollections and experiences, and in the process, I gather an understanding of the mood and feeling of that nostalgia. I then digitally manipulate photographs, drawings, and actual text from the narrative in order to relay the… More >

  • Chip Tipton

    Subtle, complex curves and the potential spareness of a simple, elegant vessel intrigue me. Many of the pieces I prize most are quiet, gracefully steady ones that achieve a balance between movement and stillness. More recently I have begun to attend to the surfaces, exploring new glazes and other ways… More >

  • Chris Brown

    In 1997, Chris earned a B.A. in Communications from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. In 2001, he moved to New Orleans and shortly thereafter met acclaimed designer Brett Calzada, who had recently formed a new company called New Emit. Over the next several years,… More >

  • Chris Clark

    Chris Clark is an American artist born in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more than twenty years, Ms. Clark has focused on the human figure to express life as an american woman living in the deep south. Her paintings and drawings are on canvass and paper. She uses either acrylic or… More >

  • Chris Kaiser

    Kaiser's signature aesthetic is defined by a combining an abstract approach with surrealist style, depicting images and characters in dreamlike or fantastical states. Often featuring myth, legends or fairy tale themes in his work, Kaiser invites the viewer to explore their subconscious through viewing his art. This approach is best… More >

  • Chris Long

    Sculptor/Educator/Draughtsman/Painter/Baconator More >

  • Christian Stock

    My family home in Bristol, England overlooked the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Victorian Civil Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This landmark structure spanning the Avon Gorge was a backdrop for my youth, and with its creator, a frequent subject of personal study. To this day bridges are one of the… More >

  • Christine Diggs

    Medium Watercolor As an artist who grew up in the New Orleans area, I gather inspiration from the unique culture of the city. I love to walk around the neighborhoods and find subjects for my paintings in the crooked streets, curling wrought iron, tropical plants, and the architecture which ranges… More >

  • Christine Domingue Bagneris

    New Orleans native Christine Domingue Bagneris challenges the shaping of our idealized selves; how what we see mirrored in others, changes our perceptions of ourselves as she analyzes the role that communication play in our society. The artist composes colorful and abstract mixed media with black and white photographic transfer… More >

  • Christine Sauer

    Christine Sauer has been a studio artist and educator in New Orleans since 1984. She exhibited her paintings, mixed media pieces and installations for many years here and in other cities around the country. More recently, she incorporated fiber techniques into creating her work. Abstract imagery, the natural world, and… More >

  • Christopher Kirsch

    Christopher Kirsch – 42, New Orleans native, self-taught painter, print maker, photographer and papier mache sculptor. In 1999, he founded the Carnival marching club, the Skeleton Krewe, which can be seen leading Krewe d’Etat during Mardi Gras as well as on Carnival morning. He began painting & drawing at a… More >

  • Christopher Moore

    Christopher Moore has been painting and drawing since the tender age of five. His first art lesson was in oil painting at the age of twelve. He has always taken his art very seriously. After beginning high school at a catholic college prep with no art offered he spent his… More >

  • Christopher Porche West

    Christopher Porché West is an award-winning photographer and artist who has been documenting the people and culture of News Orleans for 30 years. A native Californian with Franco-European roots in Louisiana, Porché West first came to New Orleans in the late 1970’s on a fellowship from the University of California… More >

  • Christopher Scott Brumfield

    Christopher Scott Brumfield is a ceramic artist, writer, teacher, and gardener who lives an art life in New Orleans. Inspired by the Flora and Fauna of the environment and the minefield of human culture, Christopher is most recently creating installation/sculpture out of ceramic and found objects. He has taught human… More >

  • Christy E Becker Jr

    On my Art When I create my art, I try to use colors and design to my art, as for me being a artist I use subjective content like people in situations, I feel as me being a artist and always traveling and seeing many things in my life has… More >

  • Claudia Lynch

    ShoeStories™ are paintings of wildly anthropomorphic shoes, with original stories about them written in a Sam Spade kind of voice; the stories are typed onto the paintings with an old typewriter. I find great freedom in designing fanciful footwear that will only exist on paper. Without the constraint of functionality,… More >

  • Clifton Webb

    Clifton Webb is an African American New Orleans-based artist with thirty years of exhibitions, both local and national. He has over thirty years of national and local recognition. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art.… More >

  • Colby Jones

    Influenced by the open linear landscape of his raising in the Great Plains, Colby developed an eye for color, composition and line that is today strongly influenced by New Orleans and it's native music and creole sensibility. Like the layered history and culture of the Crescent City, his work is… More >

  • Comusina Celan

    Comusina Celan is a mixed media painter who currently lives and works in New Orleans, LA. After being awarded a fellowship to paint in San Jose, Costa Rica, and later a residency in northern Germany, Celan began to question the meaning of location, home, and our tenuous relationships to both… More >

  • Connie Kittok

    Connie Kittok is a native of New Orleans who relocated to the north shore about 25 years ago. She graduated from Delgado Community college with a degree in commercial art and continued her art education at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond. She has a free style with wide strokes in… More >

  • Corey Allen

    Corey's art is on display in various galleries, restaurants and coffee shops throughout New Orleans. His Moss Street Gallery is in the charming community of Algiers Point. Corey continues to find inspiration in New Orleans, and Algiers Point is a big part of that. He procures work out of his… More >

  • Corinne Loperfido

    Born and raised in a cornfield outside Syracuse, New York, Corinne Loperfido studied graphic design and art history at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. After taking several technical drawing classes in college, she went on to develop her own unique style that employes fine line detail and… More >

  • Courtney Egan

    Courtney Egan’s video installations connect nature with human invention. She creates short digital films, video collages, and media assemblages that straddle the worlds of special effects and art. These pieces explore the blurring boundary between mental states, digital worlds, and consensus reality. More >

  • Craig Morse

    Craig Morse is a freelance, d.i.y., photographic documentarian and artist, as well as a writer and social critic. Both personally and professionally, he is most drawn to the social fringe, being those who are creative, eccentric, marginalized, and misunderstood, but especially those individuals and communities who are self-realized and wholly… More >

  • Cynthia Scott

    Cynthia Scott received her BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA in Visual Art from Tulane University. She is the recipient of several public art commissions, an Artist Fellowship, and numerous grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation,… More >

  • D. Lammie-Hanson

    D. Lammie-Hanson is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Harlem, New York. She drew her inspiration from 2 places. One was from the figures in the Stations of the Cross from the Catholic church and the stories they told. The other was from her love of dance.… More >

  • Dan Tague

    Dan Tague holds an MFA in Studio Arts from The University of New Orleans, and is a multi-media artist, curator, and activist whose work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. He is the recipient of several awards and residencies including grants from The Joan Mitchell Foundation and Pollock Krasner… More >

  • Daniela Marx

    Daniela Marx is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Loyola University New Orleans. In the past, she worked at Fabrica, an international research center for design located in Treviso, Italy where she collaborated with video artists, writers and other designers. She also worked as a designer for Slover [and]… More >

  • Darrin Butler

    Darrin Butler's paintings are done on birch in which the colors are stained into the wood without the use of paintbrushes. Artist Statement I use a mixture of mediums to create my artwork. One of my favorite mediums to use is birch wood. The work that I create is functional… More >

  • Darryl Glade

    A local New Orleans photographer. Glade has exhibited at Du Mois Gallery and has been compared to New Orleans legend photographer Michael P. Smith. More >

  • Dave Greber

    Dave Greber is a full-service video installation artist committed to making the very finest of fine art. Davey was born in Philadelphia in 1982. He studied media production at Middle Bucks Institute for Technology, Temple University, and Universiteit van Amsterdam. In 2005, he moved to New Orleans where he produced… More >

  • David Bergeron

    David Bergeron create frames and furniture from found and salvaged materials. These materials are collected and re-claimed from historic new orleans area renovation teardowns, and salvage yards. They are then de-nailed, cleaned, milled, sanded, joined and sealed. The result is that otherwise lost or discarded items are recycled and transformed… More >

  • David Dartnell

    Devoted to feminine beauty, David Dartnell began, years ago, to create living paintings. Using the elegance of a woman as his pallet, he 'painted' in hues and tints of linens and silks. His pieces were lovely yet accessible and pleasingly apparent to both the wearers of his forms and those… More >

  • David Harouni

    David Harouni's paintings, as his life itself, can be summarized by the word palimpsest. Palimpsest means to draw and erase over and over again, having diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface. His life, as his canvas, consists of building a life, collecting memories and abandoning them, only to… More >

  • David Nadalin

    My name is David and I am a Surrealistic painter. I paint what I have not seen. Those places are inside of me. Perhaps they are memories from before I was born; perhaps, nothing. I paint, for I need to know myself. Oil painitng, Surreal. More >

  • David Rae Morris

    David Rae Morris was born in England and grew up in New York City. He became interested in photography at an early age and attended night classes at the International Cernter of Photography while in high school. He earned a B.A. in photography and theatre design from Hampshire College, and… More >

  • David Sullivan

    David Sullivan creates prints, computer programs and animations combining analog and digital techniques. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in New Orleans, where he lives. He studied painting at Louisiana State University (BFA) and Maryland Institute, College of Art (MFA). His work was in the Southern… More >

  • Dawn DeDeaux

    Dawn DeDeaux is considered among America’s pioneering artists in new media. She is acknowledged in two current college textbooks, including Understanding Art, and Postmodern Currents Art and Artists in the Age of Electronic Media. Her work is the in-depth subject of the concluding chapter of Discipline and Photograph, a book… More >

  • DebiDeaux

    Handmade Lampwork Glass - Beads, Sculpture and Wearable Art. Debra Dufrene, the Flamework artist known as DebiDeaux of DebiDeaux Designs - Flamework Glass, is known for her complex, multi-layered, colorful beads and her fun, funky and whimsical sculptural beads. DebiDeaux, who usually works alone in her home-based studio in the… More >

  • Denice Bizot

    Denice Bizot is a sixth-generation New Orleanian living and working in the Uptown area on Laurel St. near the Mississippi River. Denice began working with found objects 10 years ago with her first gallery show in New Orleans at d.o.c.s. Gallery on Camp St. in the Warehouse District, where she… More >

  • Devin Meyers

    Devin Meyers, founder of Fotos For Humanity - a non profit organization created in November 2006, is a native of Charleston, SC. Devin became a self-taught photographer after traveling the world through college programs in Cuba, West Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. Over the course of these travels, the idea of… More >

  • Dona Simons

    Dona Simons interprets performances by Louisiana musicians with oil paint on canvas. She created her first oil painting when she was six years old sitting beside her mother while she also painted. After her first solo exhibition on Newbury Street in Boston, she studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of… More >

  • Donna Barrere

    Donna Barrere was raised in Slidell, LA, where she began making art at an early age. She studied Art Education at Southeastern with an emphasis on studio art. Later Barrere obtained a master’s degree in art at Northwestern State University with an emphasis in painting. Her thesis project, Identity Revealed… More >

  • Donovan Fannon

    A photographer with a background in graphic design. NOCCA grad (1995, visual arts), Donovan went on (after NOCCA) to DJing in the early-to-peaking New Orleans rave scene, and spent those years heavily involved in electronic music production and promotion. After the scene thinned out in the early 2000s, he moved… More >

  • Donovan Fannon

    Natively New Orleans, Donovan Fannon grew up a troubled youth. After a forceful exit ending his high school freshman year, he was accepted into the visual art program at the (then Uptown) New Orleans Center for Creative Art. More likely than not, this shift “saved” his sanity and life, a… More >

  • Douriean Fletcher

    Owner of Eklektik Ekhos. I create jewelry and bamboo scones through abstract, emotive, and natural imagery. I use all natural elemental materials bamboo, feathers, shells, and metals, (earth, wind, water, and fire, respectively). I create only through positivity and inspirational moments to ensure that energy is passed on to the… More >

  • Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob and Be Nice or leave go together like red beans and rice. This New Orleans Folk artist, whose work has been seen on Oprah, in People Magazine, and in the Smithsonian, is well known for his trademark phrase. That and the paintings of southern life complete with alligators,… More >

  • Elijah Kane Chong

    Evolved from the American and European Abstract Expressionism Tradition, Post-Modernism, Deconstructionalism, and Symbolism, the work of Elijah Kane Chong can be described in terms of process as Reconstructionalism, in terms of content as Abstract Symbolism, and in terms of form as Holographic. The term Reconstruction is used to describe the… More >

  • Elizabeth Shannon

    Elizabeth Shannon's art has always been connected to Louisiana's culture and environment. Her large installation works often make use of architectural salvage from the city. Ms. Shannon's works are on display at the Heriard-Cimino Gallery (established in 1997), known for its assembly of nationally established and mid-career artists. More >

  • Elsa Brodmann

    A New Orleans native, Brodmann designs for her Ottilie Brodman label and also has created a jewelry and bridal collection. Her bridal collection is all haute couture designed and tailor made for the individual buyer. Brodmann takes inspiration from silent films and films by directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley… More >

  • Emily Taylor Adams

    Cheers; Emily Adams here. I have grown up on the Gulf Coast and currently I live in Gulfport. I would absolutely adore and be honored by inclusion at Lemieux. I am formally educated in wine, and so the photographs of artwork to which I am directing you are entirely reflective… More >

  • Emmanuel Adlain

    Emmanuel Anthony Percy Adlain creates oil paintings based on his Creole speaking background as well as his interest in the changing world of today. He started drawing at an age of 4, painting at the age of 7. His works are featured in the of the grade school Art Syllabus… More >

  • Emmanuel Anthony Percy Adlain

    Emmanuel Anthony Percy Adlain creates oil paintings based on his Creole speaking background as well as his interest in the changing world of today. He started drawing at an age of 4, painting at the age of 7. His works are featured in the of the grade school Art Syllabus… More >

  • Eric Dallimore

    As an emerging artist, Eric Dallimore explores three mediums Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture. Within each of these art forms there is a common thread traditional active participation. With photography, it is in mastering the art and science of film and the darkroom that is so appealing. Working in film has… More >

  • Eric J. Nunez

    Eric is a freelance lifestyle photographer from the New Orleans area. Photography has been a passion for several years, and in 2008 he decided to begin pursuing it professionally. Eric is a life long resident of the New Orleans area, but he loves to travel and explore new places. Although… More >

  • Eric Paul Julien

    Haiti and New Orleans are vibrant places, formed by French, West African, and other cultures. Eric Paul Julien tries to capture their common heritage through his photography. He was born in New Orleans and raised on Africa Plantation, about 45 minutes northwest of New Orleans on the west bank of… More >

  • Erica Larkin Gaudet

    Larkin Gaudet, LLC is a custom metal sculpting studio specializing in fine art and furniture in New Orleans. Erica Larkin Gaudet creates her designs for both private and public spaces using metal, glass and upholstered leathers. She currently has created a new product line of beds, tables, sofas and chairs. More >

  • Erik Kiesewetter / EBSL

    Louisiana son, Erik Kiesewetter, is a multi-discipline graphic designer, addicted to americanos, heavy plate lunches, collecting books/ journals, kittens, and diamonds. Creative director of EBSL/ erikbelowsealevel.com, a freelance-design studio that collaborates with various design agencies and collectives, guiding branding, print and web projects. Arts organization founder and co-editor of Constance/… More >


    ‘’I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. I cannot imagine not doing it. Wherever I go, whomever I meet could be an inspiration for my next painting. Art is in all of us, it’s all around us.” Erik O’Neal took his first formal lesson at the… More >

  • Erik O'Neal

    O'Neal primarily works with pastels and oils. He has an affinity for cityscapes as well as the coast. "Impressionistic realism would describe my work. My goal is to bring a sense of intensity to my work and invoke passion in the viewer." More >

  • Erin WB

    Erin is a printmaker and collage artist who lives near the Fairgrounds, works in the Bywater, and makes art about New Orleans neighborhoods. Her favorite materials are wood, paper, silk, rubber, pen, ink, and charcoal in a variety of colors. Check out her artwork on display at the Naturally N'Awlins… More >

  • Eugene Russell Weber

    I am a self taught artist who began showing and selling work while still a teenager . Other than four years in Nebraska as a Katrina refugee I have lived in New Orleans since 1981. My work has appeared in numerous fine art gallery exhibits and been featured in a… More >

  • Fairleigh Cook

    Fairleigh Cook creates unique functional pieces combining the mediums of clay and fabric. She also uses the New Orleans water meter motif while creating half moon vases, butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers, and other household necessities. More >

  • Forrest Bacigalupi

    Forrest Bacigalupi is a New Orleans artist whose artwork reflects the fantasia of day to day life. It speaks of a town steeped in the overbearing heat of racial tensions borne of poverty and wealth, manifested in their greatest extremes. His artwork speaks to the all-consuming color and passion that… More >

  • Francesca 'Frahn' Koerner

    Francesca "Frahn" Koerner is a mixed media artist who was born and educated in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting with a minor in photography from Tulane University. In 1997, she received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of New… More >

  • Francine Judd Stock

    My interdisciplinary studio practice is primarily influenced by studies of the history of philosophy, medieval bookmaking and modern architecture. As such, an ongoing series of Meditations on Books and Walls (1998-present) has evolved into an exploration of Ideas as Visions, Texts as Structures and Textures. Currently I am working on… More >

  • Frank Relle

    Frank Relle (b. 1976) is a photographer born and based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the recipient of numerous awards including a 2007 International Photography Award and the Photo Lucida top 50 photographers. Frank's work is represented in major collections, including the Smithsonian Museum of American History, the New… More >

  • Frenchy Live

    Randy Leo Frechette -– a.k.a. Frenchy –- has been drawing since he could grip a pencil. In grade school he impressed friends with caricatures of teachers and classmates, but he did not realize his true calling until The Boston Horns approached him in Orlando and persuaded him to paint their… More >

  • Full Bucket Photography

    Full Bucket Photography provides a creative outlet for these two distinctly talented South Louisiana women. Jennie T. Alexandry, Creative Director and Robin A. Bell, Photographer, combine their individual talents to capture unique and whimsical canine and critter images that routinely produce smiles and laughter across all ages, genders, and cultures.… More >

  • George Long

    New Orleans photographer George Long specializes in candid photography of events, public relations photography, wedding photography, corporate-industrial, maritime, entertainment, editorial, fine art, and stock photography in New Orleans, throughout Louisiana, and southern Mississippi. Photographers in New Orleans know George to be a leader in the photographic community. He currently serves… More >

  • George McClements

    Abstract Expressionist paintings influenced by Jazz and Blues. Every one hears music differently. The way we perceive it is shaped by our tastes, emotions, situations and personalities. I have attempted to have music take on physical colors as it traveled through air. McClements' canvas is the manuscript which the notes… More >

  • George Rodrigue

    George Rodrigue (b. 1944) was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country. For more than forty years, his work has remained rooted in the familiar milieu of home. Rodridgue's work was influenced by the Pop and Abstract images he viewed during art school at the… More >

  • Georgette Fortino

    Each piece of Georgette's jewelry is hand sculpted and is original in its designs. By using a combination of several different medias, mostly precious metal clay and metal smith skills, she offers a uniqueness to her work, that is distinctly her own. All of her pieces have their own little… More >

  • Georgia Kennedy

    Georgia Kennedy (b. in Greensboro, North Carolina) is a painter who forays into other media when ideas necessitate. Her current visual pursuits include "spaces of awe" paintings, charcoal sculpture, collaborative drawings, and handmade rugs. Her work is concerned, circuitously, with landscape, both as a reflection of awe of the natural… More >

  • Gerald Haessig

    Gerald Haessig is both a glass and ceramic artist. Born in St. Louis, he moved to New Orleans to work at a local TV station. In 1992, his wife gave him a gift certificate for a private glassblowing lesson. While working at the TV station, he continued to persue his… More >

  • Gerry Claude

    Gerry Claude is a native New Orleanian artist who received her formal training from Richmond Professional Institute at the College of William and Mary. This college was recommended to her by the late Walt Disney. Gerry creates wonderful pen and ink and watercolor renditions of historical New Orleans architecture and… More >

  • Gila Mosaics

    Each of my mosaics are individually designed with great care and attention to detail. Tesserea (glass, ceramic, mirror, or found objects), are hand cut, randomly smashed, or cut using a tile saw. The depth and texture of different materials used in combination creates contrast and a sense of movement, while… More >

  • Gina Laguna

    Gina Laguna is a large-scale abstract steel sculptor active on the New Orleans and Southern art scene for over ten years. Her work is in several permanent collections in southern U.S. Fine Art Museums. She is the recipient of "The Power of Art Award" given by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.… More >

  • h. grace boyle

    Grace combines the archetypal with the unconventional, the candid with the mysterious in her sculptures, compelling the viewer into the universe as she sees it, a universe of tantalizing irregularities. Her stone sculptures whisper secrets to the viewer. They thunder declarations. They are testimonies of her own personal struggles and,… More >

  • Hannah Cohen

    A native "YAT" (born and raised in New Orleans) Hannah has a long standing passion for New Orleans and her Southern Heritage. A self-taught folk artist, trading under the very local name of RED BEANS AND NICE, Hannah produces contemporary mixed-media works in the folk art tradition. Hannah believes, "Everbody… More >

  • Happy Burbeck

    Harriet "Happy" Burbeck is an artist and illustrator, also a cartoonist and zine maker. She does lots of things. Happy has worked closely with The New Orleans Bookfair for the past five years and has illustrated the Bookfair posters for the past three. Her work has appeared in solo and… More >

  • Harold Clark

    Harold Clarke – head designer and owner of Harold Clarke Couturier Atelier has brought to the United States the kind of luxury, elegance, and personal service that the world’s most privileged individuals have known and come to expect for many years. As told by Essence Magazine, “Clarke weds vision and… More >

  • Heather Elizabeth

    Heather Elizabeth is a fifth generation New Orleanian. Her love of all things New Orleans inspired her to create wearable art and accessories for the home. In 2002, Heather Elizabeth Designs was formed. She is the original creator of New Orleans photograph jewelry and accessories for the home. The nature… More >

  • Hilary Wallis

    Hilary Wallis is a fine art painter who uses the power of the arts as a means by which to visually educate the public and generate awareness of societal issues focused around community development and social activism. In addition to painting, she photographs people and places from her travels, develops… More >

  • Holly Sarre

    Holly Sarre [pronounced Sah-RAY] is a native of New Orleans, who paints all the humor and absurdity that's available in one of the most unusual cities in the world. Working on the streets of New Orleans on Jackson Square in the French Quarter, Sarre is a wry observer of quirky… More >

  • Hulya Willis

    One of a kind hand knitted wearable art and handmade silver, gemstone & fashion jewelery all created by Hulya. More >

  • Issa Abou-Issa

    Issa Abou-Issa is an internationally collected painter, sculpture and mixed media artist who works in a variety of styles and mediums. Born and raised in New York City, Issa studied painting and sculpture in New York, California and New Orleans. In 1996, the artist moved from the "Big Apple" to… More >

  • Jack Boasberg

    PAINTS WITH LIGHT - DIGITAL ART - VIDEO INSTALLATIONS - DIGITAL PAINTINGS - VISIT HIS DIGITAL ART GALLERY AT LIGHTORIUM.COM I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 28, 1939. I have been painting with light for many years. I started with flashlights and now use a digital camera… More >

  • Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

    Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, a native of New Orleans, is a visual poet, creating contemporary quilted textile collages. Mooney started her artistic journey with coloring books, daydreams and doll houses. In 1995, she created the Big City Women series as a vehicle for her woven stories. Mooney has lectured at the… More >

  • James Michalopoulos

    James Michalopoulos is a celebrated New Orleans based artist. He is a contemporary of Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Eric Fischl and a school of painters that prevailed in the 1980s who glorified the representational image. He is an artist who refreshes the familiar with colors that dance vividly in and… More >

  • Jan Arrigo

    Jan Arrigo (b. 1960) is a Louisiana-based, New Orleans born, International Center for Photography-trained photographer and author living on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. Her fine art work tells stories about what disappears quickly or over time and explores disconnection and its opposite. She has exhibited in national group shows… More >

  • Jan Gilbert

    The nationally-recognized interdisciplinary artwork of Jan Gilbert mines memory, loss, and transition through the combination of painting, printmaking, photography, and installation. Gilbert's works, commemorative itineraries of her experience, are homages to her major influences people (her deceased Brooklyn Dodger dad and her Italian professional seamstress/grandmother) and places (via participation in… More >

  • Jana Mahoney

    Jana Mahoney is a local New Orleans photographer mainly capturing the young and alternative life in New Orleans. More >

  • Jane Brewster

    I grew up in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was encouraged to be an artist. I earned a B.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration, and have freelanced since 1990 working in a wide range of traditional media. I have published pen & ink illustrations, commercial logos, festival… More >

  • Jason Langley

    Jason Langley lives and works in the New Orleans area. His work engages a variety of media including photography, sculpture, printmaking, and painting. Photography in particular is a huge creative outlet for him, and provides him with a way to show others a bit of how he sees the world.… More >

  • Jean Seidenberg

    I am a painter of people. My work is focused on the images of family and friends. I do take commissions for portraits in graphite, oil or egg tempera from clients responsive to my work. From the Artist... One of the biggest surprises of my professional life happened in 1998… More >

  • Jeanne Umbdenstock

    Jeanne Umbdenstock- My paintings are inspired by both a challenging and vibrant life lived in the heart of the Mississippi delta.* I have studied Southeast Louisiana’s fauna, birds, water, trees, and architecture all of my life. I have files of my photographs I use for reference. And I have stacks… More >

  • Jeffrey Dupuis

    Born and raised in Louisiana, photographer Jeffrey Dupuis sees life through a viewfinder. His work has been published in Rolling Stone, An Honest Tune, Jambands.com, JamBase.com and NewOrleans.com. When not disguised as a psychotherapist, his super-hero alter ego can be found following music and arts. More >

  • Jennifer Ansardi

    I believe that everyone has the power to create. Art, like life, is a manifestation of duality. Rarely do I approach a new work with a pre-conceived idea. I rely upon my life experiences, emotions, and travels to influence me. The first brush stroke takes me where I need to… More >

  • Jennifer Gessner

    I am new to New Orleans. I have studied the arts and have had studios and galleries up and down the east coast. It's a pleasure to be here and in such a climate that values the arts so....I'll write a little more about myself in the future. More >

  • Jennifer Moynihan

    Born in New York City in 1986, Jennifer Moynihan is an emerging artist currently living and working in New Orleans. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. More >

  • Jennifer Moynihan

    My work conveys an intimacy with everyday man-made materials such as plastic, eraser, and duct tape. Each material is manipulated by hand in hopes to unveil some unknown quality inherent in the familiar and the mundane. More >

  • Jennifer Shaw

    Jennifer Shaw is a fine art photographer who lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started taking pictures at the age of eight and enrolled in her first darkroom course when she was fifteen. From that point forward she immersed herself in the medium, and went on to study… More >

  • Jessica Bizer

    Jesica Bizier is a painter and mixed-media installation artist. She graduated from the University of New Orleans Master of Fine Arts Program in 2009, and is a founding member of the Good Children Gallery, an artist-run collective in the Bywater. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Good Children… More >

  • Jessica Goldfinch

    Jessica Goldfinch is an object-oriented conceptual artist who received an associate's degree in graphics and printing from Delgado Community College and bachelor's degrees in Art and Sociology and an MFA in Art from the University of New Orleans. More >

  • Jim Sohr

    Jim Sohr was born in the 1940's and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He has lived in Wisconsin, New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. He traveled extensively while in the Merchant Marines, raised his family in Basile, Louisiana, at Tiger Point and now calls New Orleans home. All of Jim’s… More >

  • John Doherty

    Worker of metal that learned the hard way at a shipyard in Slidell, LA. The use of extreme force to command metals is a common element in many of the designs. More >

  • John Fitzgerald

    The first time John Fitzgerald pulled a print he was hooked. He worked on a linoleum block for days and days, suffering nicks and cuts, thinking the whole time that he wasn’t doing very well at all. Eventually it was time to ink up and pull a print. He was… More >

  • Jolie and Elizabeth

    Drawing inspiration from the heart of the deep south, New Orleans; over a pitcher of sweet tea and a messy shrimp po boy, Jolie and Elizabeth was born. Jolie & Elizabeth is comprised of two young New Orleans fashion designers, Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey. Jolie Bensen, born and… More >

  • Jonathan Traviesa

    Jonathan Traviesa is an artist, photographer, and curator living in New Orleans since the late 1990s. He has created various sculptural installations in New Orleans. Before that, the Times Picayune voted his Katrina sign installation best show of 2005. Traviesa has shown in numerous group shows in New Orleans, Tampa,… More >

  • Jono Goodman

    Jono Goodman was born in Shreveport, LA and received his BFA (2005) from LSU. There after he was granted a Professional Printers Certificate (2006) from the Tamarind Institutue of Lithography and later went on the earn his MFA (2010) from the San Francisco Art Institute. Goodman is an abstract artist… More >

  • Joséphine Sacabo

    Joséphine Sacabo lives and works mostly in New Orleans, where she has been strongly influenced by the unique ambience of the city. She is a native of Laredo, Texas, and was educated at Bard College, New York. Previous to coming to New Orleans, she lived and worked extensively in France… More >

  • Joshua Brasted

    New Orleans based concert and event photographer. Has had work featured in Spin, Pitchfork, Gambit, Offbeat, Antigravity, Art Official, Animal New York, Vandalog, & many others. More >

  • Joshua Lee Nidenberg

    A native of elsewhere, Joshua has lived and worked in New Orleans for over 20 years, capturing glimpses of life throughout the New Orleans area. Over the years, Joshua has kept a camera by his side and has taken over 190,000 pictures of everything from candid street scenes to wildlife… More >

  • Joshua Matherne

    I am a self-taught artist from New Orleans. As a child, I was always captivated with illustrative works and would constantly use that interest as a catalyst for creating my own art. After many years of working with pencil and paper, I decided to pursue oil as a medium. This… More >

  • Joshua Walsh

    Portrait artist Joshua Walsh creates larger than life oil portraits of local characters in a style reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch masters, capturing lines and light in the human face in a way that few artists can. For the past two decades Joshua Walsh has shared his artistic passion… More >

  • Joy Gauss

    Joy Gauss is a full time clay artist in New Orleans. She has lived in New Orleans for 25 years because where else can you live in a turquoise house , parade with a bone gang and play with clay to make a living? - - She first discovered her… More >

  • Joycelyn Boudreaux

    Joycelyn Boudreaux is a very unique artist by her own merits. She is originally from Southern Louisiana, home to Cajun music, vast swamplands, French heritage, and many other wonderful things that make her home on the bayous of South Louisiana a very alluring and mystic place. She has taken the… More >

  • Juli Juneau

    Juli Juneau has traveled extensively throughout the world including a 2 1/2 yrs. on a solo adventure from Dakar, Sengal to Cape Town, South Africa. This inspiring journey through 23 African countries made the continent and people, music, culture, wildlife, and geography, especially dear to Juli's heart. Her glass art… More >

  • Julie Neill

    Julie Neill defines herself as an artist and designer whose New Orleans roots both inspire and inform her work as a creator of Decorative Lighting and Home Furnishings. Like the city she calls home, Julie's designs are both elegant and graceful, artistic and sophisticated, steeped in tradition and a celebration… More >

  • Juliette Hare O’Connor

    Juliette Hare O'Connor's art pieces are reflections of her interests – from the decay of New Orleans cemeteries - the decadence of old New Orleans' Storyville - the haunting stares of the N.O.P.D. mug shots circa 1900s - all photographs collected from estate sales, the New Orleans library She uses… More >

  • Justin Michael Finnegan

    Justin Michael Finnegan was born in Slidell, Louisiana in 1991. He received his BFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia in 2014. Finnegan exhibited in the VSA National Accelerate project at the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center and Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in 2009.… More >

  • Justin Shiels

    Justin Shiels is a graphic artist, web designer, and all around creative imagineer. He specializes in developing solutions for your creative problems. You need to develop your brand and Justin can create it for you. You need a website, and Justin can build it for you. Originally born in Memphis,… More >

  • Karel Sloane-Boekbinder

    Karel Sloane-Boekbinder, Assistant Producer for the Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans, LA is a playwright, author, actor, filmmaker and painter. Karel has been a theatre professional for over 24 years. At Ashé CAC, Karel assists with stage management, all aspects of assistant producing, and, arts instruction. A former… More >

  • Karen Miller

    Happy Hour Kitty Art® pieces are as unique and whimsical as the name suggests. Each piece is part of a large repertoire of projects consisting of one-of-a-kind mixed-media collages. It's assemblage art recycling at its best! The "canvas" varies from wine bottles, roofing slate, vases, frames, and mirrors, to a… More >

  • Karen Oser Edmunds

    Native New Orleanian Karen Oser Edmunds’ mixed media works range from small collages on paper, monotypes, and intimate, miniature sculptures to large scale installations. They have been shown in New Orleans as well as nationally, most recently in Tennessee, New Jersey and Maine. The healing aspects of art making underscore… More >

  • Karin Burt

    Karin is a ceramic artist from London who works mainly in Porcelain. She works with thrown and handbuilt pieces to create modern simple and elegant forms including functional as well as more artistic decorative pieces. Porcelain is a strong clay and is able to be thrown or handbuilt very thinly… More >

  • Karina Nathan

    Hi. I'm a very happy person living an extremely wonderful life down in New Orleans. I love my city and will live here until it falls into the gulf upon which time I have prepared my apocalypse mermaid costume. I have been professionally designing fashion and costume for 8 years.… More >

  • Kate Ryan

    Kate Ryan recently moved to New Orleans after graduating from the Maryland Institute College of art with a BFA in Painting. Her paintings and drawings address the dichotomy of attraction and repulsion as well as the ambiguous state of raw meat. It's in transition from a living being to a… More >

  • Kathleen Olson Grumich

    Kathleen is a fiber artist who hand-paints silk accessories, using the serti technique and fiber-reactive dyes. White silk is the blank canvas upon which she paints semi-tropical flowers and fauna. All of the designs are her own drawings, many of which are from her photographs of natural subjects. She strives… More >

  • Kathy Rodriguez

    Kathy Rodriguez was born in Metairie, Louisiana, on July 16, 1980, during a heavy thunderstorm. She lived in Metairie and New Orleans before and after a brief 1998 stint in art school in Baltimore. Between 1999 and 2004, she sold fine cheeses for a living while she completed the curriculum… More >

  • Keith Cartoonman Douglas

    Cartooning and Caricatures. Hip and Funky New Orleans style paintings and assemblages/sculptures. Editorial Cartoons thats not for the faint of heart. More >

  • Keith Perelli

    1994 MFA, Painting and Sculpture, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH - 1991 BA, Painting, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA - Keith Perelli a visual artist working in painting and drawing, is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He has participated in numerous, national and international invitation and juried… More >

  • Kellie Byrd

    Bold, bright, New Orleans funky art More >

  • Ken Kenan

    In 1983, Ken Kenan graduated with honors and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tulane University. In addition, Kenan traveled to Europe where he worked under the guidance of his mentor and friend, Max Papart. He has studied various printmaking techniques, creating lithographs at Atelier Grapholith and with… More >

  • Ken Weatherup

    New Orleans Photography More >

  • Kenneth Scott, Jr.

    Kenneth Scott Jr., a neo-pop artist, was born and raised in the Ninth ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. At a young age, Scott’s talents as a visual artist were discovered. He learned that he could leverage his talents as an artist to move beyond the constraints if his neighborhood. Mr.… More >

  • Kerrie Jones

    Kerrie's work drifts from the dream-like to capture the essence of her subject matter in an abstract, folksy way. The wonderful architecture, great food, Jazz and beautiful surroundings of the French Quarter in New Orleans inspire most of her artwork. Her work is represented at Rougarou Bayou Riverfront Trading Post… More >

  • Kevin Kline

    Kevin Kline lives in New Orleans. He has shown at The New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, HomeSpace, The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Rayko in San Francisco, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette. More >

  • Kevin Thayer

    Thayer's work is an uneasy marriage of pop art characters living in an abstract expressionist world. His work is inspired by music, sports, and the character of the subjects he paints in the wild and wonderful city of New Orleans. The style that he has developed to present his characters… More >

  • Kiki Huston

    Kiki Huston fell in love with the look and feel of silver as a young child, watching her father silversmith as a hobby. She lives and works in New Orleans, hand-fabricating sterling silver with the tools she inherited from him. Each piece is unique, bearing individual marks of planishing or… More >

  • Kim Bernadas

    Kim Bernadas works in both figure and portrait sculpture using a classical approach achieving an uncanny likeness to her subjects in her portraiture. In her figures, she uses gesture, proportion, and the uniqueness of each individual to express the essence of the subject. With a background as a physical therapist… More >

  • Kim Bernadas

    Kim Bernadas works in both figure and portrait sculpture using a classical approach achieving an uncanny likeness to her subjects in her portraiture. In her figures, she uses gesture, proportion, and the uniqueness of each individual to express the essence of the subject. With a background as a physical therapist… More >

  • Kim Bernadas

    Kim Bernadas works in both figure and portrait sculpture using a classical approach achieving an uncanny likeness to her subjects in her portraiture. In her figures, she uses gesture, proportion, and the uniqueness of each individual to express the essence of the subject. With a background as a physical therapist… More >

  • Lana Gramlich

    Internationally-collected, award-winning nature photographer. Getty Images contributor Member; NANPA, Nat'l Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, STAA, Art for Madisonville, Lacombe Art Guild Clients include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Country Roads magazine and The Nature Conservancy. To me, nothing is more beautiful or wondrous than our natural world. Compelled… More >

  • Larisa Ivakina

    Larisa’s discipline extends from water color to oil, wooden icon and etching to mural, interior design to festival posters for Russian festivals and the Tchaikovsky festival. The versatility of her artistic expression is found in landscapes, flowers, nudes, portraiture and religious art. - - Major contributions of religious art in… More >

  • Laura D'Alessandro

    Laura D'Alessandro Artist Statement Vision is, to me, a complicated phenomenon composed of multiple layers, altered under varied states. I incorporate layering in my images to evoke the layers of my internal and external experiences. The artist's life, recorded through my journals and portraits, is essential to my work and… More >

  • Laurel Porcari

    Laurel Porcari is neat but unfussy, incisive yet silly. No shrinking violet, her work reflects the enormous, layered canvas of her mind - geography and mapping, physicality and boundaries. Both abstract and concrete things and theories find themselves transported and translated in the fruits of her studio. And somewhere at… More >

  • Lauren Palmisano

    Lauren Palmisano of Slidell, LA is an experienced portrait and cityscape artist who earned her degree in Art Education at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is influenced by Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun flair, musicians, and unique architecture. Her painting technique consists of rhythmic brushstrokes, vivid colors, and catching the… More >

  • Layla Messkoub

    New York transplant, Layla Messkoub, studied relief printmaking at Columbia University and graduated in 2006. Originally trained as an oil painter, Messkoub was captivated by the process of woodblock printmaking. Inspired by her travels to Central America, Europe, and the Middle East, Messkoub's work reflects a "modern, urban edginess" expressed… More >

  • Lee Celano

    Lee Celano has been shooting major news events and documenting social change for two decades. With an eye for insightful and informative photographs, he has covered such topics as political upheaval in Haiti, Russia's transition to capitalism, the Los Angeles riots and U.S. presidential campaigns. Arriving days after Katrina to… More >

  • Lee Deigaard

    Originally from Atlanta, Lee Deigaard graduated from Yale University with a degree in fine arts and earned graduate degrees from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design and the University of Texas at Austin where she held a Michener Fellowship in Creative Writing. A resident of New Orleans… More >

  • Leslie Dudley

    Native New Orleanean Leslie Dudley celebrates Louisiana's rich culture and the natural beauty of the Gulf coast 73 in her paintings by creating visual and emotional connections. Moments, memories and relationships are painted in an expressionistic manner with the exhuberance of the fauves in her own unique and fun style.… More >

  • LiaMolly

    LiaMolly is a sweater collection deeply rooted in the culture of knitting and inspired by traveling the globe, discovering magical places, studying fashions past and cultures around the world. Our knits are timeless, meaning we are as far from fashion as we can be if you define fashion as something… More >

  • Linda Berman

    Drunk Monkey Studio artist Linda Berman is best known for her mixed media works in raku fired ceramics and salvage wood. She is also is known for acrylic paintings of drunk monkeys. Ms. Berman has been in the New Orleans area since 1992. She has a Masters in Art from… More >

  • Lisa Konewko Valle

    I love to evoke the mood of my works through color choice, texture, and most of all facial expression. I find endless inspiration from the human face. More >

  • Lori Felix

    I paint in oils,mixed media, and collage. I create textures in nature by stamping with organic and man made materials, I incorporate these textures and patterns into the figures and florals I paint, I also collage handmade papers, fabrics,and lace into my paintings. More >

  • Lori Waselchuk

    Lori Waselchuk is a documentary photographer and arts activist. Waselchuk values working with public and private organizations that work for social change and build community. Waselchuk's photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide including Newsweek, LIFE, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. She has produced photographs… More >

  • Lou Blackwell

    A longtime resident of New Iberia, artist Lou Blackwell is a Louisiana native and ardent fan of the Crescent City.She graduated from Newcomb College in 1970, continued her art education at the University of Southwest Louisiana, the Vermont Studio Center and the Santa Fe Art Institute.In 2000, she receivedan M.F.A.… More >

  • Lou Jordan

    Lou Jordan lives in the middle of New Orleans, but she can walk out her back door 20 feet to Bayou St. John and watch fish jumping, puffy white clouds reflected in mirror-still waters, and an endless array of spectacular and inspiring sunsets - abstracts of sky and water. This… More >

  • Lynne Cochran

    Lynne Cochran COCHRAN STUDIO AND GALLERY www.lynnecochran.vpweb.com E-mail cochranlyn@aol.com Lynne started her career as an artist/illustrator she produced actual visual rendering and oil paintings working from engineering plans for our US Rockets launched by NASA and Boeing. Her artwork can be seen hanging in many Senators and VP offices in… More >

  • Maja Georgiou

    Croatian born photographer, Maja Georgiou, lives and works in New Orleans since 1994. Prior to coming to New Orleans she lived in Athens, Greece from '89-'94 where her love for travel and discovery of unique places and cultures was born. In 2002 while contemplating career change, her husband introduced her… More >

  • Mallory Whitfield

    Mallory Whitfield began selling her one-of-a-kind recycled clothing and accessory creations under the name her popular blog about handmade goods and eco-friendly artists, and New Orleans Craft Mafia, and she writes a monthly column on local artists & designers for Antigravity Magazine. More >

  • Marcus E. Brown

    Marcus E. Brown is an avant-garde New Orleans sound performance artist, sculptor, painter, and educator. In addition to showing at dozens of galleries and museums Brown has taught art education at the K-12 level as well as college art classes across the nation. Brown holds a BFA in sculpture from… More >

  • Margaret Hull

    Margaret Hull is an artist working in embroidery. She grew up in the historic district of Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia before moving to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 2008, she graduated with a BFA in Fiber. While at MICA, she was involved in Community… More >

  • Maria Etkind

    Maria is a graphic designer born in Panama city, Panama living in New Orleans. She is a print and web designer and a closet illustrator. She speaks English and Spanish and loves pretty things. More >

  • Marian Conley Blair

    Marian is an artist, teacher and illustrator from Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 with a degree in Illustration and Art History. She received the Project Open Door Arts Education Fellowship in Providence, Rhode Island, and was awarded a grant from the Alabama… More >

  • Marin Dearie

    Marin Dearie is an artist and designer living, working, and learning in her hometown of New Orleans, La. Dearie tries to create a sense of playfulness in all of her work, drawing inspiration from childhood memories and daily experiences. She enjoys painting, baking, and riding her bike around the lovely… More >

  • Marina G Reed

    Originally from Caracas Venezuela, Marina has been in the New Orleans area since 1965. Preferring watercolors because of the challenge they present due to the fast drying property of the medium, she likes to paint architectural details as well as landscapes. Marina does orignal watercolor home portraits from photographs and… More >

  • Mario Padilla

    Although Mario has been painting all his life, he graduated from the Universidad Nacional of Colombia in Bogota with a degree in Philosophy and later was a professor of Greek and Philosophy at a nearby university. Enthralled from Plato to Nietzsche, Mario still remains a philosopher as it pushes him… More >

  • Mark Haller

    Mark Haller is a concept Artist working in the medium of hot glass. He has 25 years experience at the furnace and is a skilled craftsman as well as a skilled Artist More >

  • Mark Sindler

    Born and raised in New York, Mark Sindler is a documentarian and media arts educator who first came to New Orleans to study anthropology at Tulane University. With grant awards from the Louisiana State Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, Sindler spent seven years in Versailles, documenting… More >

  • Marrus Art

    Three weeks after graduating art school, Marrus caught a one-way Greyhound bus to New York City. Despite a successful stint selling and producing animation for some of the world's top advertising agencies, she began illustrating comics for Valiant and ElfQuest, painting book and album covers, and creating interior illustrations for… More >

  • Martin Welch

    Martin Welch is an expressive impressionists working with bright colors and on a large scale to stimulate the viewer with scenes of the artist's experiences. Welch finished his studies at Spring Hill College with honors. He was also awarded as the Fine and Performing Arts Department President's Scholar for his… More >

  • Martin Welch

    Acrylic paintings on canvas, wood and other found objects.... More >

  • Martin Welch

    My journey as an artist has lead to living with myself as a whole instead of trying to push parts away. I work with all types of things. Things found on the side of the road, things I buy (including canvases and paints) and things that are given to me.… More >

  • Mary Ann Palma

    New Orleans - born, Mary Ann Palma is a well-traveled professional whose fine photographs reflect a deep appreciation of the enviroment. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University in New Orleans and is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer. Mary Ann has a background and education in television… More >

  • Mary Jane Parker

    A native New Orleanian, Ms. Parker’s work is mixed media combining print making and painting techniques with glass and bronze sculpture. She received her BFA from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in studio art and her MFA from Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, in studio art with an emphasis… More >

  • Mary Lee Flotte Lombard

    Award-Winning New Orleans' Abstract Expressionist More >

  • Mathew Quitney

    I am a photographer/videographer working in New Orleans. I'm partial to candid photography and what it has the ability to convey. I have a passion for film and set photography. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and contact me if you have any questions. ( Fast learner and hard… More >

  • Matthew Duguid

    we still crave the sense of a mysterious world stretching infinitely beyond chasms and caves and Titan woods with forms that no man can discover I grew up in Vancouver B.C. and Calgary Alberta Canada Most of Matthew's youth was spent skipping school and wandering around the city's wooded parks… More >

  • Matthew Peck

    Matthew Peck has been experimenting with different media, techniques, and color theories since he was a child. Peck arrived in New Orleans in 1996 and worked as a caricature artist in Dutch Alley throughout his twenties. Later he began working in oils and acrylics, painting the scenes of his beloved… More >

  • Maurice Stockton III

    Maurice Stockton is an artist, from the Greater New Orleans Area, who works in painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, photography and video. More >

  • Max Ryan

    Today while working primarily with acrylic paints on canvas, Max uses layers of texture and deep colors combined with metallic leaf and a variety of glazes to create a diverse collection of contemporary pieces. His artwork is heavily influenced by his background in building and design as Max draws inspiration… More >

  • MC Romaguera

    A native daughter of New Orleans, Mary Catherine Romaguera’s local upbringing is visible in her youthful approach to the canvas. Her vibrant use of color and expressive subjects capture the distinctive southern Louisiana lifestyle. Mary Catherine’s preferred medium is acrylic and the content of her paintings range from abstract landscapes… More >

  • Melanie Innis // Mac Stanley & Co.

    Melanie Innis spent her childhood tearing it up in her father's print shop art room in Old Algiers and was a straight A student of her grandmother who taught her everything from drawing and painting to crocheting and paper arts. Her early design career was submersed in print & editorial… More >

  • Michael Gaule

    Award winning chef, turned woodworker, Michael Gaule has gone from culinary masterpieces to woodworking masterpieces. Michael's creations are crafted from trees uprooted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, exotic woods from around the world and salvaged woods from demolished buildings. Not to mention his beautiful burl collection he makes custom fountain… More >

  • Michel Varisco

    Artist's Statement “Site specific response is very important to my work. Popp’s fountain, a 1934 Work’s Progress Administration Structure was built during the great depression and has survived disasters both man-made and natural. In this respect it echoes themes of my work; the dance of fragility, decay, dignity and resiliency”… More >

  • Michelle Lacayo

    Michelle Lacayo, a local drummer from New Orleans, has been playing in rock bands and creating mixed media art since 1992. Her musical bands have been Siren Scream, with singer song writer, and mixed media artist, Melanie Hill-Guion and Scott Guion from 1994-2000. ManWitch with guitarist and vocalist, Laurie Shefsky,… More >

  • Michelle Levine

    Artist Michelle Levine’s style has been defined by a childhood in 1970’s New York- its look dominated by Andy Warhol, two decades of living in the visually rich city of New Orleans, and a career in the production arts. She earned a degree in Communications with a minor in Fine… More >

  • Michelle Wuttke

    Photographer specializing in offbeat children's portraiture in NOLA More >

  • Mickey Strain

    Mickey has been displaying and selling her unique art on Jackson Square for over five years. Each piece is a three dimensional black and white relief with a distinct New Orleans flare. Mickey can be found selling her work at Jackson Square every Saturday and Sunday. When Mickey isn't creating… More >

  • Mike Brouphy

    Wherever Mike travels he goes by car and travels the secondary and back-roads looking for photo opportunities that fit his vision of capturing the old and making it new again. Often the travel is specific like a trip made in 2010 along Historic Route 66 or part of a trip… More >

  • Mike Remy

    Remy specializes in scenes of the Vieux Carre and Louisiana wetlands. He studied art at University of Southwestern Louisiana and has real world experience as a photographer for the United States Marune Corps. His work has shown across the United States from San Francisco to New York. His works are… More >

  • Mitchell Gaudet

    New Orleans born Mitchell Gaudet can boast an illustrious and international career in art, specifically working and teaching the fine art of glass casting. Gaudet received his B.F.A from LSU and and his M.F.A from Tulane. Gaudet has been an artist in residence in Tacoma, Washington as well as an… More >

  • Morgana King

    Originally from Washington, D.C., Morgana King received her BFA in Ceramics from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000. Since moving to New Orleans in 2001, she has been both an artist and arts administrator – currently managing public art for the Arts Council of New Orleans. Her artwork, which… More >

  • Murali

    I was born and raised in Miami, surrounded by the syncopation and improvisation of Afro-Cuban music. After high school, I moved to new york and studied composition at New York University working with brilliant composers such as Louis Karchin and Elizabeth Hoffman. I'm currently pursuing my masters degree at Tulane… More >

  • Myesha Francis

    Myesha Francis was born and raised in New Orleans and is the owner of Passion 2 Paint at M. Francis Studio and Gallery located at 604 Julia St. in the Historic Arts District of New Orleans. Her work encomopases her life and experiences as a native New Orleanian and deeply… More >

  • Nameless Artist

    Artist Statement "I am a self-taught painter, inspired mainly by literature and philosophy. I find that art is not an object to be sternly defined, nor an idea swept up in estoterica to be guarded by those who can discuss it most elegantly. My works tends more towards the emotional,… More >

  • Nancy Bernardo

    Nancy Bernardo, is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Loyola University, New Orleans. She has been a practicing graphic designer for 15 years, is a self- professed type nerd and collects ephemera from the Victorian time period through the mid twentieth century. She spends as much of her time… More >

  • Nancy Sharon Collins

    Read Nancy Sharon Collins' just published article, If Edith Wharton Had Facebooked and see her impossibly thick and luscious Thank You card on Mohawk Fine Papers new blog, Felt & Wire. Earlier this year she presented Love Letters American Commercial Engraving, Monograms and Social Stationery at the University of Texas… More >

  • Natalie Boos

    Natalie Boos is a native of Louisiana, born in New Orleans in 1976. She graduated from LSU in 2002 with multiple degrees in science. She began painting for her own enjoyment while she was working in the field of ophthalmology. She began selling paintings and decided to do a solo… More >

  • Natalie McLaurin

    Natalie’s work deals with life cycles and dreams by way of fiber sculptures and installations. Natalie McLaurin spent the first eighteen years of her life in Knoxville, TN, the oldest of three. At her preschool interview, the teacher was surprised by her amazing scissor skills. Her father is a logger… More >

  • Natalie McLaurin

    Natalie is a fiber sculpture and installation artist. Natalie McLaurin spent the first eighteen years of her life in Knoxville, TN, the oldest of three. At her preschool interview, the teacher was surprised by her amazing scissor skills. Her father is a logger and her mother is an architect, turned… More >

  • Natalie Nichols

    Natalie Nichols is a Jewelry Designer living and working in New Orleans. Her inspiration comes from living in New Orleans. She is driven to create the intricate wrought iron patterns that one can see on the balconies and gates throughout the French Quarter. She uses many techniques, sawing, piercing, bending… More >

  • Nell C. Tilton

    Nell Curtis Tilton is a native New Orleanian. Since high school she has studied oil, drawing and watercolor under many excellent local and internationally known artists. As a college student, she studied Fine Arts at Mount Vernon College and Newcomb College. While residing in Germany for three years with her… More >

  • Odie Tucker

    Artist Statement I am a transparent watercolor artist whose goal is to delight his patrons. I love the creative process and I include customers in creating quality paintings of inspiring subjects. I paint because I am amazed by and love to participate in the creative process. Being able to do… More >

  • Ohso Faboolus

    Ohso is a self-taught artist that began creating detailed drawings by the age of three. In 1996 she entered her first Amature “Juried” Art Competition and won first place. She attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts - N.O.C.C.A. while in high school and studied psychology & fine art… More >

  • Ottilie Brodmann

    The Ottilie Brodmann label is a luxury goods label based in New Orleans. The label’s focus is to design and produce high-quality luxury garments for the classicly modern woman. Designs are available through custom-order Elsa Brodmann, whose birth name is Jennifer Lynne Brodmann, was born in Worchester, Massachusetts in 1983.… More >

  • Paige Valente

    (Artist/Designer/Lover) Paige Valente's work and words can be found throughout our beloved city of New Orleans and beyond. Serving as Arts Program Director and Peace Clubs artist for Silence Is Violence, she extends her voice from page and canvas to the city's youth in the classroom and in the streets.… More >

  • Pamela Conway Caruso

    Contemporary fine art printmaking is created one impression at a time.A native New Orleans visual artist, Pam's creative efforts (intaglio, relief, monoprints, botanical impression monotypes & mixed media encaustic works) are inspired by New Orleans & the Gulf Coast.With a professional background that includes scientific, medical & advertising illustration, plus… More >

  • Pamela Marquis

    Pamela's work has been described as having "great exploration," due to her wide variety of styles. She enjoys working with acrylic paint and various textures and techniques. Her bold and contrasting colors are derived from her early years as a Mardi Gras float artist. Pamela's work can be seen at… More >

  • Paper NOLA

    Karen Kempf is a New Orleans native with a background in Design and a M.S. in Environmental Education. Her diverse education has supported her in her viewing the world holistically and being engaged in it with openness, respect, and creativity. She hand crafts each Paper NOLA item using primarily reused… More >

  • Patch Somerville

    Born in 1985, Patch Somerville grew up in the Finger Lakes area of New York. He studied at PrattMWP with the President's Scholarship from 2004-2006 and received a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008. Recently, Patch received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant. He currently… More >

  • Patti Adams

    Patti Adams, an award winning, signature member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and is the director of the Garden District Gallery. She has produced designs and artwork for numerous organizations in New Orleans, including the Krewes of Rex and Hermes, the… More >

  • Paul Deo

    Paul Deo began painting at age 5, under the tutelage of his Aunt Auressa Moore. Auressa taught Deo artistic techniques, as well as the spiritual world of internal inspiration. After winning a city-wide high school Art competition, at just 6 years old, Deo received critical acclaim ahead of his time.… More >

  • Paul Troyano

    All Tables and Bowls are handcrafted from Louisiana woods such as pecan, maple, camphor, magnolia and mulberry. Table legs are made by gluing thin strips of wood and bending them, imitating shapes found in Nature. Trees are one of our most valued resources. Trees provide shelter from sun and wind… More >

  • Paulette M. Lizano

    Whether you're a glass enthusiast, hobbyist, beginner, novice or professional, the Lizano's can relate! Lizano's Glass Haus, is a family run studio…the trio consists of a husband, wife and daughter team; Al, Liliana and Paulette. Al and Liliana are natives of San Jose, Costa Rica and Tela, Honduras, respectively. They… More >

  • Pedro Palma

    Pedro Palma was born in San Salvador - Republic of El Salvador, Central America. He is a classically trained artist with extensive experience in many mediums. Pedro is an award-winning artist with collections worldwide, including the United States and Australia. At age 14 he attended art graphic school "Artes Graficas"… More >

  • Peg Martinez

    Peg Martinez (aka Square Peg) is a native New Orleanian who recently rekindled her passion for woodworking. As a child, her father had a well-equipped workshop in the attic, but this was his off-limits, sacred playground. Of course, forbidden equals appealing, making it the place where she most wanted to… More >

  • Piki Mendizabal

    Piki Mendizabal is from Havana, Cuba. A student at Cuba's National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro, Piki arrived in the United States in 2007 to pursue his career as an artist. His work is inspired by his childhood growing up on the island of Cuba. Recurring themes in… More >

  • Piki Mendizabal

    Piki Mendizabal is from Havana, Cuba. A student in Cuba's National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro, Piki arrived in the United States in 2008 to begin his career as an artist. His work is inspired by his childhood growing up in Cuba. Recurring themes in his paintings are… More >

  • Piping Haute

    Piping Haute was founded by Jody Piper, a creative-type person bursting at the seams with ideas to connect her passion for the arts with her dedication to environmental responsibility, changing the world and bringing people together over the simplest of pleasures a nice, hot and comforting cup of coffee (or… More >

  • Que Duong

    Photographer Que Duong was born in Vietnam. When his mother was pregnant with him, a fortune teller/village witch doctor told her that Que would grow up to be an average person. Que has been on a journey to prove her wrong. A graduate from The University of New Orleans, Que… More >

  • Rachael DePauw

    Handmade and carved pottery, dinnerware sets, and ceramic artwork. Rachael DePauw, originally from Kirkwood, Missouri, received a bachelor's degree in Political Economy from Tulane University in 2007. In her third year of school, DePauw discovered her passion for ceramics while studying under Professor Jeremy Jernegan. She received the Juanita Gonzales… More >

  • Rachel David

    Rachel David is an artist blacksmith. In her work, she combine ancient techniques to meet contemporary needs and aesthetics. Her sculptures comes from a multitude of sources, from today’s social problems to the timeless shapes of roots and flowers. Form follows function for her unique furniture, kitchen implements and household… More >

  • Rachelle O'Brien

    Rachelle O’Brien is a New Orleans based visual artist and rock ‘n’ roll musician. Corndog Creations, her art company, features her mixed-media pop shrines made from collected, recycled and found objects. Corndog Creations are one-of-a-kind shrines that pay homage to pioneering individuals who have contributed amazing art, music and film,… More >

  • Raine Bedsole

    Born in Mobile, Alabama, Bedsole received a BFA in 1983 from Auburn University, with semesters abroad in Rome, Italy and Sydney University NSW, Australia, and an MFA from San Francisco Art institute. Her works are included in the collections of New Orleans Museum of Art and Louis Armstrong Airport, the… More >

  • Rashida Ferdinand

    Rashida Ferdinand's works are reflections of her thoughts on the cyclic continuity of life and recognition of the legacies she follows. Rashida lives and works as a visual artist in New Orleans. Ferdinand created Mandala as a symbol of hope and survival, life, and renewal. Installed in the Lower 9th… More >

  • Raven Creature

    Raven Creature is a New Orleans contemporary artist. Artist Statement There are two distinct ways I create. One is to see or imagine a beautiful angle of a body and want to capture it, to show that essence which gives the skin life. The other springs from my dreamworld. It… More >

  • Rebecca Birtel Madura

    Rebecca Birtel Madura, a native New Orleanian, is a visual artist with 25 years of experience as an art educator in local parochial, private and public schools in New Orleans. She is also involved in art curriculum development and has served as a TAV instructor. She is an art educator… More >

  • Rebecca Rebouche

    Artist Statement I am intrigued by dualities and metaphors for human relationships. My work uses simple subject matter – to act as a metaphor for these relationships, and the essence of being human. I go about my days with a watchful eye, and when I notice something, I take a… More >

  • Reggie Ford

    New Orleans heritage runs through Reggie Ford. Ford grew up hopping the street trolleys, running the streets, and finding the hidden worlds of the mystical city. This Ninth Ward native could have played semi-pro football, but instead chose to share his city's spirit through his art. In such a tumultuous… More >

  • Rhonda Corley

    Rhonda Corley always knew she was destined to be an artist. As a native of New Orleans, she was raised with a blend of art and culture, drawn to fashion movement and the lines. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with majors in fashion… More >

  • Rhonda R. Stephens

    Rhonda Stephens is a cum laude graduate of Loyola University New Orleans. While attending school Stephens founded the Southern Art Society Fine Art Studio in Meraux La. in 1997. In 2000, Stephens opened a second location of the studio in the art district of New Orleans. Stephens has been teaching… More >

  • Rob Davis

    Rob Davis is a photojournalist and multimedia producer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting out as a staff photographer at his college newspaper, he has since developed a passion for coming to better understand the lives of people around him by documenting their stories. Though he has shot a… More >

  • Robert G. Stentz

    Robert is a stained/leaded glass artist who has been working actively in his craft for over 10 years. He designs primarily with the prairie style of windows best exemplified in the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. Robert does primarily commissioned work but also exhibits at the New Orleans Art Market,… More >

  • Robert Guthrie

    Robert Guthrie is a New Orleans artist with a fresh look at its historic architecture. His distinctive styles have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, Mexico and France. Two years teaching serigraph printing at the Bellas Artes Institute in Central Mexico left him profoundly influenced… More >

  • Robert Hannant

    having spent most of his career as a commercial director/cameraman, hannant was constantly surrounded by personnel asking questions about the project at hand and the equipment needed to get the images onto motion picture film. although he had considerable creative freedom with clients like neiman marcus, nike, american airlines and… More >

  • Robert Tannen

    Artist, designer, and urban planner Robert Tannen has interwoven his art with visionary urban plans, and environmental, social and urban commentary for close to 50 years. For the 71–year old Brooklyn born artist, who emerged from the East Village scene in the 50s and became New Orleans’ leading conceptual artist… More >

  • Robin Daning

    Robin Daning is a New Orleanian who studied art at Syracuse University and the University of Miami and earned her Phd in psychology from the University of New Hampshire. She uses pen and brush to create finely detailed images with pigmented ink on the smooth sides of white plastic tiles… More >

  • Romy L. Mariano

    Romy L. Mariano spent most of her youth in Southern California. She graduated from Lafayette College in 2005 where she majored in Art and English and received studio honors in painting. Romy has had several successful solo and group shows and has exhibited both in the United States and Italy.… More >

  • Ron Roland

    Artist Statement Although I work in both paintings and assemblage, my love affair with color and movement is witnessed only through my paintings. I want my paintings to evoke participation. In the Treescape series, I want the viewer to be plunged into the scene by the simple act of viewing.… More >

  • Ronald L. Jones

    Ronald jones was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. It was there he began his pursuit to become an artist. Sketching with his fingers in the soil as a child, along with the inspiration of his mother who was also artistic. Jones created an appetite for drawing and painting that… More >

  • Roseline Young

    Born in New Orleans, Fiber Artist Roseline Young, retired art teacher of 30 years, holds Master Artist Status from the Louisiana Folklife Program. Rose has a weaving in the collection of the Smithsonian, a Roseate Spoonbill woven ornament for the White House. She represented the state of Louisiana in Fiber… More >

  • Ross Lunz

    "I'm exposed to burned things a lot for obvious reasons," said Ross Lunz, who has been a Crescent City fire fighter since 2009. Safe to say that most of the other fire fighters don't speak quite so lovingly about the unexpected metal patinas produced by flames. That may be because… More >

  • Ryan S. Ballard

    I grew up in the Ozark Mountains in rural Missouri and spent my childhood in the Pentecostal church participating in exorcisms and attending faith healings. As a teenager I rebelled against my religious upbringing and found my way into lots of trouble (and luckily back out again). I spent my… More >

  • Saddi Khali

    Artist Statement THE VISION "Black people need 2 see images of ourselves w/ humanity. women beautiful regardless of size, shape or complexion. men strong, sensitive & loving. parents & children caring & happy. couples in love in warm intimate moments. us as lovers, sensual & sexy but not nasty even… More >

  • Sally Heller

    Sally Heller’s indoor installations which have been showcased throughout the U.S. and have appeared as window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. Heller’s work is made from common materials and recycled elements and seeks to make ordinary materials interesting. She began her career with painting, but prefers the unlimited boundaries of installation… More >

  • Samuel Portera

    Samuel Portera was born in 1972 in New Orleans, and now lives in Madisonville, Louisiana. He has been documenting the marshes and swamps of Louisiana for many years. His work has appeared in magazines such as Shots, B&W, Oxford American, Fraction, and Habitus. Mr. Portera’s black and white photographs have… More >

  • Samuel Provenza

    Provenza's body of work deals with form and its relationship to the environment, creating a constant search for balance. Working within combinations of material and form, he strives to create harmony in an object. This is what makes a piece work. It is what draws us to a sculpture or… More >

  • Sarah Dearie

    Sarah Dearie is a native of New Orleans, La. A graduate of New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, she went on to further her arts education at Kansas City Art Institute where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 2000. In 1999 she traveled to Salvador,… More >

  • Sarah Greer (Six Fingers Soul Art)

    Sarah D. Greer aka Six Fingers of Six Fingers Soul Art creates an alternative to traditional metal art work by creating light, vibrant, whimsical pieces. Her journey began with ideas and dreams of being able to do something she loved for a living. After taking a welding course she fell… More >

  • Sarah Norman

    Sarah Norman was raised on the bayou in a 200 year old dogtrot house named “Hardscrabble” located on historic Rosalie Plantation in central Louisiana. Her family owned a pecan and cattle farm, which lended itself to learning many different trades, such as cattle rearing and tractor driving. However, the lush,… More >

  • Sarah Rhodes

    John Steinbeck wrote, “Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. It is a feeling in the stomach, a delight of the nerves, the forearms. The skin tastes the air, and every deep-drawn breath is sweet. Its beginning has pleasure of… More >

  • Scott Ray

    Scott Ray’s specialties include Illustration, Branding / Identity, Color Theory, Rhythm, Web Design (limitations / expectations), Creative Suite, Mentoring Others / Design Software, Patience. Scott Ray is currently the Creative Director of Calliope Digital, a digital creative/mobile agency in New Orleans. He is also the Principal Designer and Art Director… More >

  • Sean Friloux

    Sean Friloux is an impressionist painter living in New Orleans. His paintings have a sense of playfulness and movement, the subject is somewhat mysterious with color and atmosphere. Friloux is most known for his award winning watercolor paintings. Suitable subjects for Friloux’s imagination are to be found throughout the city… More >

  • Shanga Designs

    Traditional French Flower Beading was a Victorian era craft employed by French seamstresses. Many gowns of the time were beaded using Czechoslovakian seed beads which were very expensive. The seamstresses would collect the less-than-perfect beads and fashion them into bouquets of flowers to be used on church alters. Made of… More >

  • Shanna E. D'Antonio

    Shanna is a native Louisiana artist, working in oils and encaustic mixed media. Her layered approach combines personal elements that hint at the subconscious and impart a sense of wistful longing. Whether the high gloss of her glazed oil paintings, or the honeycomb texture of her encaustics, surface treatment is… More >

  • shannon kaye brinkman

    Shannon Brinkman has simultaneously pursued two goals ~ one as an art photographer, the other as sport horse photographer. Shannon Brinkman was raised along with her siblings on the St. John's river in Florida by a horse-loving mother and a veterinarian dad. She grew up riding and competing horses in… More >

  • Shaun Aleman

    A lifelong resident of southern Louisiana that paints images representing the unique heritage and culture of the region. The food, music, local festivals, and even the catch phrases of the area lend themselves to his paintings. - Often his artwork takes on a humorous and sometimes sarcastic look at the… More >

  • Shawn Hall

    Shawn Hall is a visual artist whose work imagines the natural world most recently from an up-close and even microscopic point of view. She views her practice as an act of participation in the biological world through intuition and action. While mainly a painter, her work exists in a variety… More >

  • Shawne Major

    Shawne Major grew up in Louisiana where she began her career as a painter. She earned her MFA in sculpture at Rutgers, and lived in New York in the `90s. She has been making found object assemblage "tapestries" for over 15 years. Major's exciting post-pop, found-object assemblage works were exhibited… More >

  • Shirley Rabe Masinter

    Shirley Rabe Masinter continues her tradition of applying her vivid hyper-realist aesthetic to New Orleans inner-city scenes. Her paintings capture the unique character of the city through its architecture its corner stores, bars and shotgun houses. - Image Hot Food Daily 40" x 52" / oil on canvas More >

  • Siobhan Feehan

    Siobhan Feehan is a visual artist that lives and works in New Orleans, LA. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. She has most recently exhibited at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, as… More >

  • Skylar Fein

    Skylar Fein’s work is informed by his past. Born in Greenwich Village, raised in the Bronx, Fein has taught nonviolent resistance for the Quakers, written for newspapers, run a gay film festival and pursued a medical degree. Art came late to Fein, but he has made up for lost time.… More >

  • Stephanie Elder

    Establishing myself as a New Orleans artist, I've focused primarily on the communicative power of art to channel the essence of individuals and community. In an effort to accomplish this I work in any art medium that I feel will best convey the meaning and emotion to the targeted audience… More >

  • Stephanie Green

    Stephanie Green is a freelance designer based in New Orleans, La. She creates several types of design pieces, including party invitations, posters, stationary, postcards and more. To see more of her work, visit www.stephaniegreen.com. More >

  • Steve Martin

    Artist Steve Martin’s adventurous spirit, and zest for life comes from a vast pool of spirited ancestors, including bold and daring frontiersmen who were associated with the likes of Andrew Jackson and Jim Bowie of Alamo fame. Also wading is the gene pool is the talented 19th century architect David… More >

  • Steven J. Lindsley

    Steven Lindsley is Co-Founder and past President of the Degas Pastel Society. He is also the artist/illustrator for "New Orleans An Artist's Sketchbook." You can view Steven's work on the More >

  • Sue Zimmermann

    As a watercolor artist, Sue Zimmermann shares glimpses of the beauty in her environment through her artwork. She gains immense satisfaction in translating a typical scene into a study of value and color to produce a visual statement of her perceptions. Proud of her native Louisiana heritage, she has concentrated… More >

  • Susan Bergman

    Susan Bergman uses gesture and metaphor to create dynamic moments within a larger story. Through clay, Susan transforms animals, vegetables, and an array of natural and abstract elements into characters whose foibles and emotions are palpably human. She loves the secret, interior world, which she represents through unlikely juxtaposition, sculpture… More >

  • Suzanne Perron

    Designing and constructing clothes has been an integral part of Suzanne Perron’s life as long as she can remember. “When I was five years old I learned to sew...my mother and my grandmother both sewed and were very talented in design and construction.” Perron attended school at the Fashion Institute… More >

  • Sylvia Thompson

    Sylvia T. Designs specializes in faux finishes, murals, and custom paintings. Our projects range from small intimate rooms in your home or business to large scale projects. Our work will add life to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, trim work, cabinets, and much more. Sylvia listens to gain an understanding of… More >

  • Sylvia Thompson

    Sylvia has been fascinated with art since she was a young child while growing up in the New Orleans area. As a teenager, she began painting seriously. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. After an internship in architecture, she went back to her passion… More >

  • Tami Curtis Ellis

    Fresh, dynamic, resourceful. Tami applies her creativity through the use of a variety of unconventional materials resulting in the unique style of her art. Her use of rich color combined with her spontaneous brush stroke technique grabs you at first glance. Once her paintings are complete, she incorporates them with… More >

  • Tanner

    Tanner's paintings have recently become some of the most sought-after art in the region. His unconventional approach to painting creates a spellbinding illusion of depth that pulls us in and transports us. “If my art makes someone forget their troubles, even for a moment, I feel like I have accomplished… More >

  • Tanya F. Dischler

    An established artist from South Louisiana, Tanya F. Dischler, originally from Franklin, now resides in Mandeville, Louisiana. She studied at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Louisiana Tech University and various artist workshops throughout the United States, Mexico, France and Indonesia. Dischler has a unique way of expressing her interest in… More >

  • Terrence Sanders

    Terrence Sanders is a noted artist, photographer, documentary filmmaker, publisher and editor of ArtVoices and Turnstile magazines, published poet, gallerist, curator and consultant to artists, gallerists and collectors. His work aims to examine the human condition in a way that breaks down social and cultural barriers. Artist Statement My responsibility… More >

  • Terry J. Marks, Sr.

    Local Artscapes Born and raised in the city of New Orleans, I have come to appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds our daily lives. I have tried to capture my rendition of some of the outstanding icons of our beautiful crescent city. I am available for commissions of your… More >

  • Thomas Burger

    Thomas Burger paints Louisiana landscapes and early historic Louisiana landmarks on old metal and copper window screens. The screens were once used for screen windows and doors in some of New Orleans' historic neighborhoods. His "Green art" saves a bit of New Orleans architectural history. Thomas Burger's gallery is located… More >

  • Thomas Mann

    Originally from Pennsylvania, the artist exhibited his work at Jazz Fest in 1977 and has called New Orleans home ever since. A professional artist for over 40 years, Thomas Mann is best known for his "techno-romantic" jewelry which juxtaposes technological references, forms and construction techniques with romantic imagery.Over the last… More >

  • Thomas Randolph Morrison

    Beyond the musculature and the skeleton of the figure, beyond the mechanics of gesture and geometry, there is a musical language within the human form. A skillfully and thoughtfully modeled sculpture can invoke this language to reveal unseen dimensions within the viewer to the viewer. Exploring the ancient tradition of… More >

  • Thor Carlson

    University of Minnesota, BFA, 2000. Tulane University, MFA, 2002. Adjunct professor, Tulane University, 2002 - 2004 Professionally represented by D.O.C.S. Gallery, 200 ABOUT THE ARTIST Thor Carlson is a New Orleans sculptor who received his B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota and his M. F. A. from Tulane University, where… More >

  • Tim Cavnar

    Tim Cavnar is a painter based in New Orleans. He was born in Michigan and spent his childhood moving around the Midwest. As an artist he has lived and shown in New York, Boston and Ohio, and received a BFA in drawing and painting from The Ohio State University in… More >

  • Tim LaCrosse

    Tim LaCrosse is a local artist who has been hand carving and casting sculpture and jewelry for over 10 years in New Orleans. He studied photography and sculpture at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. LaCrosse’s designs vary from traditional New Orleans symbols, such as the fleur-de-lis, to a wide… More >

  • Tom Futrell

    Tom is a designer with over seven years of experience, most recently spending two years in the visual communication design graduate program at the University of Washington. There he explored new ways to present visual information, created methods to share design processes and fostered an unhealthy addiction to type design.… More >

  • Tom Varisco

    Tom Varisco is the owner and creative director of a full service design studio in New Orleans specializing in brand identity and coordination. He is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and past president of the New Orleans Art Directors and Designers Association. Tom teaches a… More >

  • Tori Bush/ Southbound Arts

    Tori Bush began working with cast iron when she was studying art at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. While metal was exciting, clay eventually became her permanent medium. The malleability and humbleness of clay allows Tori to create 3-d works in both traditional clay forms and other less… More >

  • Tracy Thomson

    Tracy has lived in New Orleans for the past 25 years, designing and making hats and costumes for theater, carnival , festivals and everyday She is founder of the popular 'Dirty Linen Night' on Royal Street, and a member of the Dutch Alley Artists Co-Op. More >

  • Tracy Thomson

    Kabuki Hats - Handcrafted hats, accessories and costume pieces. All created of original patterns by Tracy Thomson in her New Orleans studio. Tracy also creates unique kitchen potholders that are both decorative and functional. More >

  • Valorie Polmer

    Valorie Polmer is a New Orleans born Artist. She attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts 1999-2001, studied abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2005, Melbourne, Australia, and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons The New School for Design 2001- 2006, New York,… More >

  • Valorie Polmer

    Valorie Polmer is a New Orleans born Artist. She attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts 1999-2001, studied abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2005, Melbourne, Australia, and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons The New School for Design 2001- 2006, New York,… More >

  • Varin Jacqueline Hoss

    Painting ( Oil, Acrylic and Resin) Artist Statement I have always loved travel and ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of faraway places that I still, until this day, dream of traveling to. When I'm painting, people will ask me what it is and my reply is… More >

  • Veronica S. Leandrez

    ARTIST STATEMENT "The artistic process is a beautiful form of spiritual practice. There is a real and direct connection between the physical and the ethereal worlds in the process of art-making. It is through the exploration of our creativity and meditation upon the art object that we come to understand… More >

  • Vicki Carlson

    Vicki Carlson paints bold, realistic art in oils and watercolors from her studio in Slidell, LA. her subjects vary from close up floras and architectural scenes to land and seascapes, influenced by a southern upbringing and 15 years in California. Inspiration comes from using on site sketches, reference photos and… More >

  • Vitrice McMurry

    Vitrice McMurry is a designer and craftsman of modern jewelry in silver, goldplate, karat golds, and cloisonne enamelling.Her designs are based on nature and architecture and are inspired by Mayan, Deco and organic elements. She uses both cast and constructed techniques, including roller-printing, fold-forming, and forging, accenting the metalwork with… More >

  • Wayne Amedee

    With a career spanning four decades, Wayne Amedee has seen his artwork succeed both locally and nationally. Over the years, in addition to New Orleans, he has shown in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. He has also earned numerous awards, including a Rockefeller Grant, New Orleans Museum… More >

  • West Freeman

    New Orleans Photographer West Freeman specializes in Architectural photography. He lives in Historic New Orleans just off of St. Charles avenue, which has the oldest streetcar line still in use in United States. West Freeman has a view of New Orleans Architecture that no one else has. Architectural photographer West… More >

  • Weston McWhorter

    Weston McWhorter is a designer and interactive developer based in New Orleans, LA. He currently serves as president of the New Orleans chapter of AIGA – the professional association for design. McWhorter also serves as an adjunct professor at Loyola University in New Orleans where he teaches all things related… More >

  • Whitney Cato

    Signs made from recycled mardi gras beads. I have signs with traditional new Orleans phrases."laissez les Bon temps rouler." I also make custom signs as well. More >

  • William Lange

    Working in conjunction to create custom art for residential and commercial spaces, Lange Glass is on a mission to promote the diverse and ever evolving glass culture in New Orleans and to contribute to the overall point of view of the community by representing a number of handpicked local artists… More >

  • Willie Birch

    A native of New Orleans Willie Birch creates politically incisive yet emotionally sensitive work that addresses issues related to African-American culture and survival. The artist's recent work has addressed New Orleans musical heritage and also the multi-layered experience of African-American males. Willie Birch's work has powerful political, sociological and spiritual… More >

  • Zé daLuz

    Ze daLuz believes variety is the spice of life and is entranced by color and texture combinations. She is the creator of KnitZy handspun art yarn and hand knit accessories, as well as a graphic and website designer and photographic artist. She has studied photography, collage, ceramics, printmaking, painting and… More >

  • Zoe Sullivan

    I am a radio producer, photographer, and writer. Much of my work focuses on current social issues. More >